Tap any possible number button, then tap “GO”. The wheel spins. If you win, payout coins that your selected numbers.

If the ball in , center wheel spins. You get one of following options and get three double up chance.

  • BINGO:Lit center STAR. When three STAR match straight, payout 300 coins. Two or Three machies at one time, payout more.
  • LINE:Lit lucky line. If STARs match on this line, payout double coins.
  • 50:Payout 50 coins.
  • MAX:Lit All bet lamps.
  • x5:Payout x5 coins if you win next time.
  • JP: Jackpot game start. “0” and “00” change “JP”. Bonus medal amount Up and Down when Jackpot wheel stop. If Jackpot wheel stop at “0”, you lose.

You get three double up chance whenever you spin Center Ring.

If you win when you have a double up chance, Double up game start. Guess RED or BLACK. If you win, you make double your wins. Tap PAYOUT Button when you want to finish Double Up game.


When you spend all your medals, Scratch card appear. Scratch One of six circles. You will win extra medals.

Open Option panel when you tap upper left icon.

  • 1/Bet:Select medal number par push.Toggle 8/Bet.
  • HELP:Open this page.
  • CREDIT:Display Copyright and Version info.
  • OTHER GAMES:Show Other android games at Play store.
  • QUIT:Quit game.

Speaker icon ( upper right ): On/Off sound effect.

Return Arrow ( upper left ): Close Option Panel.